01.16 Writing Your Narrative Forces of Nature

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After you have completed a final read through of your story and made any necessary changes, submit your first draft for grading. The length of your completed draft should be at least 500 words.

Remember, you are writing a narrative based on the play, Macbeth; you are not writing a summary of the play.

01.16 Sample Partial Narrative

For this assignment, consult the information you wrote in your pre-writing organizer to write a narrative. Below is a partial sample that includes the exposition and rising action of a narrative; however, you will write a complete, original narrative.

Remember—you are not writing a summary of the play, Macbeth. You are writing a narrative, based on the play

  • Do not use the sample paragraphs in your narrative; you will write an original narrative.
  • Your original narrative will include an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
  • Your original narrative will consist of, at least, 500 words.
  • The topics are listed in the lesson.

Sample Partial Narrative

Macbeth has finally done it. He is King!! I walk through the crowded streets after Macbeth’s coronation. My friend in battle now sits on the throne. Macbeth seems to have always been lucky. First he won a beautiful wife, then he became a war hero, and now he is King. No one expected his rise to power.

Soon after the coronation, I walk through the castle gates of Castle Macbeth, and much celebration can be heard. Purple, red, and gold banners hang from the ceiling with illustrious flair. The warm aroma of roasted pig fills the lighted halls. All of the nobles from the land are in attendance tonight to celebrate the new King. Macbeth enters the hall and addresses the crowd, “You know your own degrees; sit down. At first and last, the hearty welcome.” Cheers ring out in the great hall. “All hail King Macbeth,” everyone shouts! Immediately I become aware of the change in Macbeth’s appearance. Macbeth looks different now that he does not wear a soldier’s uniform. Macbeth is clothed in a deep purple robe of royalty. A shining gold crown sits upon his brow. But his face is looking haggard. Since our last meeting, there is not a sign of my past friend in his face. Macbeth appears to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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