1.7 – Discussion: Minimizing In-Service Interruption

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In this discussion activity, address the following:

  • Pick one of the three management techniques identified (concept of redundancy systems, line replaceable units, and minimum aircraft dispatch requirements as three management techniques) to minimize the impact of in-service interruptions caused by operate to fail items. As a maintenance manager, identify and evaluate a negative consequence associated with that management technique. What could you, as a maintenance manager, do to mitigate that negative consequence?

1.4 – Readings and Resources

Read the following textbook chapters from Aviation Maintenance Management (Kinnison & Siddiqui, 2012). As you read, think about the role aviation maintenance managers have in ensuring the safe operation of aircraft. Chapter 1 introduces the factors that lead to performing aircraft maintenance while Chapter 3 provides important definitions, goals, and objectives. Here is a preview:

  • Chapter 1 – Why We Have to Do Maintenance – This chapter discusses entropy, thermodynamics, and the role of the engineer and the mechanic in the realm of aviation maintenance. It also explores the different types of maintenance and the concepts of reliability, redesign, and failure rate patterns.
  • Chapter 3 – Definitions, Goals, and Objectives – This chapter defines maintenance from numerous points of view. It also explains inherent reliability as well as the goals and objectives of a maintenance program. Additionally, it discusses the five objectives of maintenance operations.

Then, to increase the understanding of the scope and breath of the aviation industry as a global community, read the following resources:

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