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Please Understand that if you take this assignment, you will need to take another that I post on Friday about the same papers … that other assignment you will get paid separately and the same as this and it will two replies to the same discussion. It just makes it easier and sound the same to the professor if just one person writes it. I cant see the the other posts until I post this one!! only use the resources provided. this is for a foreign student, so the english can be very bad. do not use huge words!!!

1.) How does the author frame the study? What is the core “problem” that motivates the study, and what are the research questions it seeks to answer?

2.) What research design does the author use, and does it make sense given the questions being investigated? Briefly describe the methods used by the author.

3.) What are the authors’ findings? What answers to the research questions do they present?

4.) As a practitioner, what are the implications of this work for how we engage in our work?

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