The securities markets are quite exhaustive, and when an investor needs to find information to make personal financial decisions

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The securities markets are quite exhaustive, and when an investor needs to find information to make personal financial decisions, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. Investors look for clear, unbiased information that can help point them in the right direction. Morningstar is one company that is trying to be a leader in providing that information in a format that is simplified and less difficult to understand.

Morningstar provides financial and investment information to investors. In order to provide this service, the firm employs very knowledgeable people who can make sense of the vast amount of information available. In this case study, you will consider the ways in which Morningstar manages people, knowledge, and technology to create a culture of learning and provide a valuable service.

Morningstar serves three key constituents: individual investors, financial advisors, and institutional investors. Institutional investors include

securities exchanges.
pension plans.
government agencies.
foreign agencies.
financial planners.

Morningstar provides valuable information that can help investors make informed investment decisions. Which of the following is not one of the key criteria to consider when selecting investment options?

tax consequences
investment risk
credit score

As the video explains, corporate bonds are IOUs from a company. The bonds have a principal or face value, pay a regular rate of interest, and are legally bound to be repaid in full by the

prospectus date.
maturity date.
end of the year.
initial offering date.
expiration date.

As an alternative to selling shares of stock, a company can raise money by issuing corporate bonds. All of the following are advantages of issuing bonds, except that bonds

are temporary funding.
interest paid is tax-deductible.
interest must be paid.
can be called.
investors are the firm’s creditors.

Suppose you believe that energy companies will be making huge profits in the future, and you’d like to share in those profits. You’re not sure which companies will be the most successful, or successful at all for that matter, so you decide you want to invest a little in a lot of companies to spread the risk. The best way for you to do that is by investing in

money market funds.
Treasury bonds.
an energy mutual fund.
certificates of deposit.
preferred stocks.

One thing we’ve learned from the recent economic crisis is that the stock market is extremely volatile and that there is no such thing as easy money or a sure thing. The best way to become financially sound is to start investing when you’re young, so you can take advantage of the power of

initial public offerings.
buying on margin.
stock splits.
junk bonds.

Which answer is correct?

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