Electronic health records databases at our local University of the West Indies hospital were said to be compromised

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In 2021 the Electronic health records databases at our local University of the West Indies hospital were said to be compromised. In addition to that, a lot of persons who are getting vaccinated on the island have asked for their information to be held private.

You have been hired as a Data Protection Officer to the Ministry of Health(MOH) since the COVID19 pandemic. One of the underlined responsibilities is to ensure the security of the database records of COVID19 patients as well as the vaccinated public.  The issue the Health Minister has is fully appreciating what specific security issues that exist around this COVID19 database both as it relates to compromise and as it relates to vaccination stored data on patients.  The JAMCOVID19 security incident in January 2021 is too stark a reminder for the traveling public where it was alleged that there was a data breach on the traveling public health care data and this data getting into the wrong hands. In today’s world, the security of data on digital networks has become subject to increasingly hostile malware attacks – such that these networks are to be zero-trusted. Because of this zero trust, the effort is to be deliberate to build privacy on these zero trusted databases, implement end-to-end encryption on the data, and ensuring network availability is critical.

The Minister of Science and Technology, has provided the Health Minister with some specific considerations that MOH needs to pay attention to as concerns and they are listed as questions below:

– What exactly can be considered as the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability issues that will be faced with respect to COVID19 data records in the above-raised circumstances. Review cases are critical to assist in responding to these concerns as a hint.
-What precautions must be put in place to ensure the protection of stored data and data in motion for these COVID19 health electronic database systems in light of these 2021 security incidents.
-What would represent a suitable risk mitigation approach for at least one identified risk associated with COVID19 health records stored within its databases
– What are the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) provisions that speak to how the health care records could be compromised at the University Hospital and the JAMCOVID19 MOH database facilities
– There is a Health care legislation referred to as HIPAA that can be used to guide the protection of the COVID19 MOH database – How useful is this HIPAA provision for these specific considerations? Briefly discuss your answer

6. The Minister of Health needs a clear understanding of what these five concerns raised by the technology Minister are given the increasing malicious database attacks and personal concern for how their data is stored including the vaccinated. and your role is to write clear and well-formulated position papers in a simple but useful language that allows for both the Health Minister and all his technocrats at the ministry given the specific scenarios summarized above.

Staff, patients concerned about a data breach at university hospital | News | Jamaica Gleaner (jamaica-gleaner.com)


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