Frederic used to own the only pizza place in town

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1. Frederic used to own the only pizza place in town—until a new place opened up. Even though Frederic’s never been to the new pizza place, he tells everyone he meets that the new place uses inferior ingredients and has been investigated by the health department. He even leaves negative reviews of the pizza place online. Which business tort do Frederic’s actions fall under?
A. Wrongful interference
B. Unfair competition
C. Copyright infringement
D. Disparagement

2. Teddi and Myra are starting a floor tile business and want to be protected so that none of their
personal assets will be at risk if the business fails. Which form of ownership should they pursue?
A. General partnership
B. Sole proprietorship
D. Nonprofit corporation

3. Which of the following is a benefit of settling a case instead of going to trial:
A. There is less predictability.
B. Settlements ensure a chance at appeal.
C. There will be a “guilty” and “not guilty” verdict.
D. Settlements are more private.

4. The litigation process begins when
A. an appeal is considered.
B. the defendant files an answer with the court.
C. the parties reach a settlement.
D. the plaintiff files a complaint with the court.

5. Why might parties choose to use mediation to solve a dispute?
A. To avoid going to court
B. To spend more money
C. To do less work
D. To get a less personal result

6. When following directions, it is important to
A. understand the directions without assistance.
B. always follows a sequential order.
C. understand the difference between outcomes and tasks.
D. complete the required tasks as quickly as possible.

7. What should you do if you disagree with something that a speaker says?
A. Leave the situation immediately.
B. Express your disagreement verbally so the speaker has a chance to reply.
C. Agree with the speaker anyway so you do not offend him/her.
D. Avoid negative body language.

8. Zack receives a question that he does not understand from a customer. Zack should
A. paraphrase the question and repeat it back to the customer.
B. ignore the question and change the subject.
C. answer the question as best he can.
D. transfer the question to a colleague.



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