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12 Angry Men Reflection Questions https://archive.org/details/12.Angry.Men.1957.720p…

In the movie, 12 Angry Men, who initially takes on a leadership role over the team? Why does that person take on a leadership role? Does this individual have power/influence over the group throughout the whole movie? If not, who else takes on a leadership role?

How were the theories of leadership we discussed this week on display during the film? Think about the components of authentic leadership (self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, relational transparency) and transformational leadership (inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, idealized influence, individualized consideration). Which jurors displayed these behaviors or possessed these qualities?

How hard is it to be the lone dissenting voice in a group? Do you believe Juror # 8’s ability to stand alone in the beginning of the movie and vote “not guilty”, made him a leader? If you answered yes, does this also mean that juror #3 was a leader at the end of the movie when he was the only one still insisting “guilty” (and was the lone dissenting voice). How are these two scenarios different when deciding who is demonstrating effective leadership?

How true are “facts”? Are there ever times when “facts” are not true? Juror #3 says, “These are the facts. You can’t refute facts.” Were the facts of this case always correct? How did those in the group refer to facts? How should effective leaders utilize “facts” to influence others?

Juror #8 takes a huge risk at the beginning of the movie when he calls for a second vote and suggests that if all 11 other men agree that it is guilty he will go along but if one other person suggests “not guilty” then they have to stay and talk about it. How important was this risk at this point in the movie? How important is risk taking in leadership? Who else takes a risk in the movie that ultimately works out?

What impact does prejudice have on the group? When Juror #10 makes his final prejudice speech, how does he appear to others in the room? How does this impact how he is able to influence others? Juror #8 states, “Prejudice always obscures the truth!” Do you agree with this statement?

How did emotions impact decision making in this movie? When did emotions impact the group in a positive way? When did emotions impact the group in a negative way? What can you learn about the impact of emotions from the movie that will help you be a more effective leader?

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