2-2 Discussion: New Folks in Town

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I need someone to complete a two part assignment. The first part of the assigment is due in 11/07 hours and the second will be due by Saturday, 11/09.

Part One: Another holiday has arrived and it is time to celebrate with extended family from across the country. Even your cousin is coming home after studying abroad for a semester. In such an outgoing and talkative family, these celebrations usually include delicious food, family fun, and some feisty conversations; this celebration is no different.

The conversation turns to some new residents in town, particularly how they just do not seem to fit in. They are peculiar, one relative notes, while another shares a story about how she tried to strike up a conversation with one of the new moms while she was out walking, but the other mom was just so rude and barely looked at her.

A youngster overhears the conversation and adds that the new kid brings weird food for lunch at school and never talks in class. Your sister says that there seem to be too many people living in the house, though the family drives nice cars, and your favorite uncle wonders aloud if the new folks are “up to no good.” Equipped with the knowledge from your current course, you speak up to keep the conversation from heading in a negative direction.

Compose your initial post as if you are talking to your relatives about the new folks in town. Use the geographic and generational differences in your hypothetical family as examples.

In your initial post, be sure to accomplish the following:

  • Explain culture and subculture as you see them represented in the two families.
  • Identify at least three anthropological core concepts (I have attached a copy) you see represented in this scenario that you might analyze within your final project film study.
  • Explain how these concepts are represented in this scenario.
  • Describe any cultural norms and values you see represented in this scenario.

Support your work using information from the scenario as well as citing text from the required resources:

MindEdge: (I will share log in information once a tutor has been selected.)
Definition, Origins, Purposes, and Characteristics of Culture 2.03–2.07
Enculturation and Assimilation 2.08
Culture, Behavior, Biology, and Identities 2.10–2.11
How Culture Is Changed 2.13

Tutorial: Thesis Statements (cc)
This tutorial will assist you in composing a strong thesis statement as part of the first milestone for the final project film study.

Tutorial: Argumentative Thesis Statements

View the brief text and video tutorial under the Thesis tab. These will assist you in composing a strong thesis statement as part of the first milestone for the final project film study.

Use APA format to cite resources.

Part Two: Peer Response Guidance: Continue the conversation by responding to the initial posts of at least two peers. Look first for peers who selected different anthropological concepts than you chose. In your peer responses, examine whether your peers appropriately defined and applied culture, subculture, enculturation, and at least two other anthropological concepts to the scenario. Ask questions and offer suggestions if you think the concepts are being defined or applied inaccurately.

I will share peer posts after a tutor has been selected.

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