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Respond to the two classmates with a minimum of 150 words each. Will attach initial post so you know what to go off of. 😀

Response 1: Ericka

I do not think that the local police should be involved with the enforcement of federal immigration laws. The book states that officers are to notify ICE if an illegal immigrant is booked into jail, this I agree with, however, I do no think that local officers should profile individuals that they believe are illegal immigrants. Profiling individuals leads to racial profiling and discrimination, which results in even larger issues for local law enforcement. Additionally, the book points out that local police want to enforce the local laws. I think that if people want to enforce immigration laws they should join the appropriate enforcing agency and should not rely on a five-week training course to do so. As stated once again in the book, those who receive training through ICE’s 289(g) program are not trained, screened, or supervised properly which poses a risk to not only those who are being targeted but also the officer. Additionally, the costs of having local police carry out immigration laws are much higher than the benefits. Overall, I think that local police should stick with the enforcement of local laws and leave immigration issues to those who are properly trained to do so.

Response 2: Erin

After reading about this topic, I think that it is not the job of local police to be involved in immigration laws for a couple of main reasons .

  • it is found to be less safe
  • it can be considered ethnic profiling
  • causes distrust with law enforcement

Contrary to the belief that police involvement in immigration make communities safer, research shows that local police involvement in immigration can actually make communities less safe. The purpose of having police get involved in immigration is to make communities safer. If the communities are less safe because of police involvement it defeats the purpose of them getting involved.

If police were stopping people and questioning someone’s immigration status, they would be looking at people who don’t look like they are from the US because they don’t have the time to check everyone. This was quickly lead to racial and ethnic profiling because they would be assuming someone’s immigration status based off their looks and that it is not right.

As a result of police involvement in immigration laws, it makes the community fearful of the police, especially immigrants legal or nonlegal. Victims tend to not report crimes for fear of repercussions, witnesses wouldn’t testify for fear of repercussions.Overall Community relations with police are harmed because they don’t trust them to come to them in a time of need. As a result this leads to an increase in crime.

Wheeling, K. (2017, March 28). What Happens When Local Police Get Involved in Immigration Enforcement? Retrieved from https://psmag.com/news/what-happens-when-local-police-get-involved-in-immigration-enforcement.

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