2 small discussion. ( 150 words each). 3 video analysis- ( 3-4 sentences each). 1 case study ( 500 words)

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Unit 13 L1 – Forum Discussion Topic- 150 words

Forum Post

Complete the Forum Discussion question State the questions you have chosen in the forum post.

  • Which one of the Agile Scrum tools would you choose first and why?

Unit 13-L2 – Forum Discussion Topic- 150 words

Forum Post

Complete the Forum Discussion question. Your forum post is the following:

For the three certifying organizations, CSM or CPO (Scum Alliance), PSM or PPO (Scrum.org) and PMI-ACP (PMI) – pick the one or two certifications that you are most likely to pursue at one point in your career and tell why and when you might do this.

Unit 8 Agile Video Learning:

The following videos further your understanding of the key concepts presented in the reading assignments. They are required for you to view. Please listen to these informative videos and take notes.

Agile Videos (need prior sign up and registering). Check the News forum post regarding registering for videos. Then Name three things you learned from the agile videos and describe each learning in 3-4 sentences.

Agile Videos

Click the links below.

Here is a link to a slide deck that is great for reviewing Scaled Agile Framework.

Also, there are two great videos to reference for this module.

Video 1 – The first one is a great short video (7 min) that provides an overview of safe. Watch here.

Video 2 – The following video is a great video (58 min) on Agile Project Management and SAFe. Watch here.

Video 3 – is the HU SAFe Adobe Session that was recorded in Summer 2015.

log-in info-

U: mhaque@my.harrisburgu.edu

P: getitdone!

Unit 12 – Valpak Case Study Summary – Individual

Read Chapter 19 Case Study- Valpak in The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile and answer the below questions in a submitted essay. Book is attached in email

Write a 1500 word Case Study Analysis by answering the following questions:

1. What was the transformation that took place at Valpak?

2. What types of Agile methodologies were used at Valpak?

3. What is an “Architectural epic”?

4. What is portfolio Kanban and how was it implemented at Valpak?

5. How did projects get implemented at Valpak since SAFe doesn’t recognize projects?

6. What were the big challenges that were addressed at Valpak?

7. What were the key success factors at Valpak?

8. What were the results and conclusions from the Valpak implementation of SAFe?

9. What were the lessons learned from Valpak regarding the implementation?

Write a 500 word summary on the following questions that you would anticipate if the same kind of implementation was addressed at your company

10. How would this approach be implemented at your company?

11. What methodologies would be changing at your company to go to the SAFe type of methodology?

12. Give an example of an “Architectural epic” that would be used at your company.

13. How would portfolio Kanban be implemented at your company?

14. What do you think the biggest challenges you would face at your company if you were the consultant hired to implement the same types of processes that were addressed at Valpak?

15. If it were to be successful at your company, what would the key success factors be?

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