(200-300 words) Writing a blog post to talk about the new brand and promote pop-up sampling events across the U.S. so people can taste the Rabbit Hole.

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You work for the global spirits company Pernod Ricard; the company recently launched Rabbit Hole, a bourbon whiskey brand. You have been asked to write a blog post to talk about the new brand and promote pop-up sampling events across the U.S. so people can taste the Rabbit Hole. Here are the relevant facts that will help you shape the message and tone of your post:


  • To drum up excitement about Rabbit Hole and promote the new brand.
  • To promote the sampling events – you want writers
  • To get Rabbit Hole associated with a certain vibe that you can build into the post.


  • The intended audience for the brand is millennials (18 to 34) – even though the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21, Pernod wants to whip up enthusiasm for the brand – as 18-20-year-olds “age”, they’ll gravitate to the brand.
  • The intended audience for the post is bloggers, nightlife reporters and editors, influencers, wine & spirits editors, etc. You are writing for people with access to the millennial audience.

Distribution: You want the post to go “viral”. These are the potential “outlets” you want this post to be picked up by:

  • Wine & spirits, food & beverage bloggers
  • Lifestyle bloggers – across genders, cultures and sub-cultures


  • Rabbit Hole is a real brand, so you can research what the bourbon tastes like, etc. but you should make up some of the characteristics, style and tone so I can see your writing at work. No outside research necessary!
  • Sampling events begin Dec. 2 and run through Jan. 6, 2020 in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Minneapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, and Phoenix.
  • Make up the types of venues (bars, dance clubs, etc.) Rabbit Hole will be available in these cities.
  • You don’t really need to explain the details of the sampling program (it could be one free drink at the participating locations).
  • Length: aim for between 200 to 300 words. Include an image.
  • Please pay attention to the details of the assignment, adhere to AP style, remember the target audience you’re writing for, the distribution you want for the post . If you are in doubt about what requires AP style, PLEASE LOOK IT UP in the style book.
  • This is not a pitch or a press release, nor a social media post.

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