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noting specific advantages of using a systematic approach to work through research problems. Ask at least one question in response to an original peer post that you would like the author to explore further. no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please use the references below

Qualitative Research can best be described as the gathering, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting of data while observing what people do and say (Anderson, 2006). Qualitative research is subjective while utilizing methods of gathering information, mainly through interviews and focus groups. Qualitative research places focus on understanding research from a humanistic or idealistic approach. This method is used to gain an understanding into people’s beliefs, experiences, attitudes, behavior, and interactions. Qualitative research methods are best utilized when seeking responses to why and how questions (Anderson, 2006).

According to the article by Freeman, deMarrais, Preissle, Roulston, and St. Pierre (2007), the validity of qualitative research can be shown through a “thorough description of design and methods in the effort to represent decisions, procedures, and research thinking” (p. 28). Due to the importance of validity in qualitative research, researchers should utilize multiple tools for assessment; identifying the strengths of their research as well as the limitations (Freeman et al., 2007). Through providing samples from a variety of participants, the data is not able to show manipulation or influence by the researcher rather the experiences and ideas of the informants (Shenton, 2004). When researchers allow for peers to review their work and provide feedback, they are giving the opportunity to challenge any assumptions, biases, or preferences that may be assumed allowing for the researcher to step back and detach himself from his research (Shenton, 2004).

In Pretlow’s (2011) article, Pretlow gathers research from youth anonymously. Through the gathering of anonymous information, the idea is that the information will be honest, unbiased, and accurate. The advantage to gathering the information anonymously would be that individuals would be more inclined to provide honest responses if they are not facing the interviewer directly. The validity of the information gathered during self-reported interviews depends on the individual’s ability to answer honestly and accurately (Malec & Newman, 2013).


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