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WRITE an organized, typed, double-spaced, paper with one-inch margins on all fours sides and twelve-point Times New Roman font. Your paper should have an introduction, middle and a conclusion. Italicize titles of works of art.

PROOFREAD your paper. Excessive typing, spelling, and grammatical mistakes annoy and unnecessarily prejudice your reader. Have a friend proofread. You can also contact me for individual assistance. Another resource is the writing tutors in the Academic Support Center (ASC). Please refer to the information included on the course syllabus for ASC hours and services. I highly recommend consulting Angel Shandy (our course’s Supplemental Instructor) or another writing tutor before submitting your essay.

GRADING will be based on both content and writing proficiency, as stated in the syllabus. This paper is worth 20% of your final grade. Late papers will be accepted only with a documented excuse. You are to upload an electronic copy (Microsoft Word document) into the Assignment Folder in D2L, where it will be evaluated by TurnItIn for originality.

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