environmental factors

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  1. In your own words, summarize the five environmental factors relating to how governments are different from commercial businesses as mentioned in Chapter 1, and taken from the GASB white paper entitled: Why Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Is – and Should Be – Different (Links to an external site.). In your response, articulate which of these differences you believe is the most noteworthy and why.

  2. Using the information from your readings and independent research, select two potential careers in governmental or not-for-profit accounting. Write in detail what you can find or hypothesize on the knowledge, skills, and experience that would be appropriate for those roles. If one of the roles interests you as a potential career path, share why you find that career option interesting.

In your analysis, include the following:

  1. An introduction,

  2. Requirements 1 – 2, and

  3. Conclusion.

Paper Requirements:

  • Submit your responses to the questions in a 3-4-page document in MSWord. Label each question clearly. For computations, please include them in a table.

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