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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:

  • Craft a communication strategy for internal and external audiences

  • Leverage internal and external intelligence to inform decision making

  • Develop an adaptable leadership mindset and skill set


The vice president of leadership and learning has shared your toolkit with the chief human resources officer (CHRO). The CHRO is impressed with the toolkit. She plans to roll it out to all people leaders in the organization—supervisors and above—and asks you to create a communication strategy for the rollout.

The CHRO shared her vision with you, which consisted of the following key points she wants you to take into consideration when crafting the communication strategy:

  • Inform your audience of the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

  • Ensure the new leadership development strategy moves from a lofty vision with idealistic targets to reality, with direct impact on and with our front-line supervisors, our “boots on the ground,” and managers up through the organization.

  • Be clear when explaining WIIFM— “What’s in It for Me.”

  • Define the timetable for the rollout and implementation.

  • Ensure that the strategy defines what success looks like, with clear metrics and deliverables.


Construct an effective communication strategy that addresses all the deliverables the CHRO wants to achieve. The communication strategy will do the following:

  • State the business problem that will be addressed in rolling out the new adaptive leadership toolkit.

  • Explain why these specific leadership skills and behaviors are being targeted.

  • Provide a summary analysis of the employee satisfaction survey, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

  • Introduce the new adaptive leadership toolkit, including how it will be used and the value it provides.

  • Utilize your own personal development plan as an example for others.

  • Provide a strong conclusion that supports your thesis statement and goes beyond merely restating key points.

Ensure all key points are addressed in a logical order by using the Five Ws and One H as an outline when developing the specific detail for each step of the communication strategy.


  • Why was the adaptive leadership toolkit developed?


  • Define who the audience, stakeholder(s), and owners are.


  • What is the key message?

  • What is the organizational goal?

  • What is the personal goal?

  • What types of communication media will be used?


  • What is the timeline for program implementation and achievement of program deliverables?


  • Where is the adaptive leadership toolkit located? Where are supporting documents, such as the FAQ?


  • How will we measure success?

  • How will we track progress? How will we define important milestones?

  • How will we communicate updates?

  • How can employees provide feedback on any roadblocks, issues, or ideas for improvement?

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