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Civic Awareness Assignment

1. You will be assigned to groups of three to four students.* Your objective is to identify a problem in your community.

2. Research the problem. What are the effects of this issue on the local community?

3. Identify a community agency that works to resolve the problem. Research the agency through their website or other websites [See the Kerr List]. Consider possibly interviewing someone from the agency, if you need more information. Much of the information for your agency may be found on the agency’s website; however, if you choose to conduct an interview, you may want to ask about how others can get involved and help; what is the process to become a volunteer, if applicable; identify any items the agency may be in need of; etc.

ALTERNATIVE: If you are involved in some sort of community betterment effort yourself, you may make a presentation on that topic.

4. Present your information to the class on presentation day. You will need to present your findings individually or as a group to the rest of the class using a visual format (PowerPoint, Prezi, websites, videos, handouts, posters, etc.). Your presentation should be approximately five minutes long.

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