6 Questions need to be answered

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6 Questions need to be answered

  • Given a 2012 Honda Civic DX Coupe, what wouldthe damping coefficient be for the given mass and spring rate, if a free vibration front end deflection of 75mm (about 3 inches) just returns the vehicle to the neutral position. Using the spreadsheet given earlier, recalculate for the same deflection in the rear end. What are the equivalent loads of these deflections?
  • What is an SSF? Assuming a cg of 22 inches high and weight of 2200lb, what is the critical speed for rollover of said vehicle?
  • Based on the Pneumatic Tire book, starting on page 776, discuss factors governing rolling resistance of tires. Propose a simple means to measure rolling resistance at a given speed. (1/2 page max)
  • The NHTSA and EPA collaborate on CAFÉ standards. Go through the Final Green House Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards listed and evaluate what is being done, how, and conclusions. There are 2 embedded links in the paper that you should look at.
  • The EPA Federal Test Procedure (FTP) below uses several phases of vehicle simulated operation. Discuss these and how the emissions are actually measured (bagged weights of pollutants) on chassis dynamometer. How does this representactual driving conditions, and (in light of the recent problems of some manufacturers) how has EPA revised procedures to ensure better compliance? How are the fines that VW paid just in the US, due to the Diesel issues, expected to be allocated.
  • The Takata Air Bag recall has been a major problem for auto manufacturers, find out how much savings Takata made on using a generic explosive/propellant compared to the original specification. Then look at the cost to Takata and its customers, like Honda,on recall direct costs, legal costs and fines.


In looking for safety data, I looked on the US-DOT website http://www.nhtsa.gov

There were a number of interesting items that are available, and some that I downloaded (the downloads are separate): Pneumatic Tires (700+pages) and paper on rollovers, brochures on5 star safety ratings and crash avoidance.. There was a whole conference on CAFÉ and GHG standards impact on vehicle mass reduction –


Some related info on terms




Since this is a good segue into emissions. The US Environmental Protection Agency sets

standards on transportation sources of pollution – a test is performed on production vehicles

Federal Test Procedure or FTP by vehicle class


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