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Assume the following scenario : A health care organization keeps track of its doctors and outpatient locations. For each doctor it  keeps track of the Doctor ID (unique), Doctor Name, and Doctor Year Of MD Graduation (year of  graduating from medical school). For each outpatient location it keeps track of the OLID  (unique) and OL Name.

For each of a and b an extra information is added to the scenario. Use the scenario above  and the respective extra information to draw the corresponding ER diagram for each of a. and  b. Your ERD should shows the degree and cardinalities of each relationship.

a) (4 pts) Each doctor works at either exactly one outpatient location or at none (strictly working in the  main hospital), and each outpatient location must have exactly one doctor working at it.

b) (4 pts) Each doctor must work at exactly one outpatient location, and each outpatient location can have  between none and many doctors working at it.

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