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Instructions for ED 213 Research Paper

This course requires students to create a research paper on an original topic in Georgia History. A list of suggested topics isprovided, but students may choose a topic which does not appear on the list. All paper topics should be cleared with the instructor. Requirements for the paper are as follows:

1) Paper should be 7-10 pages in length, double-spaced, front only, no more than 1 inch margins.

2) Papers should utilize APA 6th edition style.

3) Papers should incorporate a minimum of three (3) primary sources.

4) Papers should also incorporate multiple secondary sources, but the number is dependent on the topic. The course textbook and supplementary readings may be used, but should not constitute the only secondary sources used.

5) The paper should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word.

Some suggested topics are as follows (all topics must be related to Georgia history, although information from outside Georgia may be included):

• The original Georgia colonists

• Native American relations with the Georgia colony

• Early economic activities in Georgia

• The growth of plantation agriculture

• Women’s roles in colonial Georgia

• The Georgia Land Lottery

• Cherokee reactions to the Georgia Gold Rush

• Controversies among the Creek Indians

• Georgians who opposed secession

• Land frauds in Georgia

• Civil War experiences of Georgia citizens or in Georgia places (e.g. “Athens GA during the CW”)

• The development of a given industry in Georgia

• Jim Crow experiences in Georgia

• Slave accounts from Georgia

• Personal accounts of historical events by Georgians

• Experiences of Georgians during World Wars I or II

• Georgia places or events during World Wars I or II

• Racial tensions in Georgia during a given period

• People or places during the Great Depression

• Aspects of the New Deal in Georgia

• Experiences during the Civil Rights Era in Georgia

The primary sources for these topics may be found online, or may be found in other places, including in the possession of private citizens. Full sourcing of any materials used must be provided.

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