a basic induction program that reflects the business objectives and policies

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You are to plan the content and format of a basic induction program that reflects the business objectives and policies and includes all appropriate practical information about the venue including information on the culture of the business in the induction program.

This Induction program will need information on the following topics.

– Professional Cover, Table of contents, Logo, Area for the candidate to sign, dates

produced and references.

– Welcome note for the employee

– Company History (You should explain how your business started and how it has evolved

into the business it is today, business location and address)

– What We Do (Products and services and our clients)

– Our mission, vision & values

– Your employment (Payroll – when they get paid, timesheet requirements, superannuation,

payslips, changing personal details, hours of work, Overtime, and additional hours, leave

entitlements, probation period)

– Business Environment (Opening / Closing times, type of cuisine & menu, service type etc)

– Occupational Health & Safety policy (Manual handling, emergency evacuation procedures,

first aid, safety data sheet, incident reporting, chemical usage, stress, and fatigue- break

times etc)

– Dress Code Policy, hygiene, and code of conduct (Phone usage during work hours)

– Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) & Anti Bullying policies

– IT, Internet, Email & Social Media Policies

– Alcohol / Smoking and Substance abuse policy

– Training & Development policy

– Discipline and Grievance policy and procedure

– Conflict of Interest policy

– Intellectual Property & Security policy

– Environmental policy and best practice

– Organisation chart (produced in Assessment1)

– {Business Name} – Policies and Declaration

The Induction program you produce at this stage can be continued and expanded on in later units so be sure to keep a copy of all your assessment.


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