A Magic Realist Treatment

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A Magic Realist Treatment A film treatment is like a short story that visualizes how the film may look. It is not a plot summary or a script, but a deeply visual description of what we might see, hear and experience in a film. For instance, there is a difference between writing “It was a dark and stormy night” (treatment) and “Opening scene is at night. It is dark and raining” (script). The first one provides atmosphere and intrigue, where as the second is merely direction. Imagine a magic realist film that you would like to make! In this creative assignment, write a short film treatment with magic realist elements based on a memory of a notable childhood experience you had. Creatively reewrite your memory from a magic realist perspective, adding magic realistic elements that embellish the story. For instance, you may have had an experience with a childhood friend that turned bad or the loss of a family member – how would you rewrite this using magic realist elements? Do angels appear in your story? Are there sudden appearances of animals that speak? Your story should be about three pages long. Have fun and be imaginative

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