A new enterprise backup solution

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The small company that you are currently working for has recently been expanding and has finally decided that they require a new enterprise backup solution to replace their use of the built-in free Windows Backup feature that is run locally on each server to an external usb drive.. They are currently running a Microsoft Domain infrastructure with twenty instances of Windows Server 2012 R2. This includes 2 DCs for the domain, and 2 separate SQL servers They have tasked you to research a low cost and reliable product that will meet the following criteria: 1. It must be able to backup their MS-SQL 2010 database server and all of its data (200GB – 1TB) 2. It must be able to backup Hyper-V virtual machines (utilized on 16 of the 20 instances aprox. 200G each server) 3. It must be able to backup their one Apache Web Server that runs under Ubuntu 12.10 4. A minimum of 12 hours of processing time every day is required on the servers with VMs.

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