A renowned multinational software services company wanted to undergo an organization-wide data-driven transformation

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 What methodology would you adopt? A renowned multinational software services company wanted to undergo an organization-wide data-driven transformation. To start with they decided to transform their HR function considering that talent is the most important resource for this organization.

This organization has a matrix structure with 2 main business units:

captive business (internal customers) and global business (external customers) and a wide range of technology-based products and services such as mobility solutions, embedded solutions (IoT based), etc. They also have a dedicated Data Analytics team.

The client’s HR function did not have a clearly defined data and analytics roadmap and thus was falling behind on its mandate to become data-driven.

You are a Consultant Advisory representing Gramener, and you need to chart out a data and analytics roadmap for HR function by identifying high impactful data and analytics projects/use cases (consider all types of use cases: simple dashboard to AI-ML based solutions) that will help the client HR team in the transformation process.

1. How will you identify the required data and analytics projects/use cases for the team?

2. How will you prioritize the identified projects/use cases?

Please Note: Feel free to make any further assumptions as needed. Kindly list these

assumptions clearly while making the submission. Kindly ensure that the solutions to the above questions should be creative, detailed and must portray a proper problem-solving approach.

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