About the loose Girl by Kerry Cohen

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  • Use the one track book (Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen) for your book choice we covered in class and connect the texts to a current issue or event and note why the telling of that event is important for readers or viewers.
  • Find four or five secondary sources (.edu, .org, .gov or our online library database) that is related to your current topic or theme (women and marriage for example). These can be videos from places like YouTube IF the ones making the video or in the video or noted experts (professors, doctors, sociologists, etc). No Wikipeda, Ask.com or other .com sources. I do, however, want to see a mix of sources (not all videos).
  • Your thesis should be able to be broken down in two or three categories (marriage and self worth and marriage and freedom, for example).
  • Be sure to use paraphrases more than direct quotes. The paper should have no more than one or two direct quotes per page (one sentence each).


  • 6-8 pages in length
  • MLA format
  • Must have Works Cited list (excluded from page count)
  • Use a 12 Times New Roman font
  • Please this Essay should not be less than 2000 words, and it worth 200 points, so I need a good one.
  • The audio copy of this book “ Loose Girl “ by Kerry Cohen can be found in Amazon for free listening

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