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write for me a Problem/Solution Proposal Assignment Annotated Bibliography about ( Access safe reliable water supply )

please follow the requirement carefully :

An annotated bibliography is a curated list of sources to build research. It includes a brief summary of each source and your own evaluation of its currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose (CRAAP). It is a tool that helps you keep an organized and thoughtful record of the research process and relevant information about the topic. You will put together an annotated bibliography of six sources in preparation for the Problem/Solution Proposal Assignment. See samples in EW p. 318-329. Include: – Two mainstream and accredited news/magazine articles, – Two scholarly/academic “peer reviewed” articles, – Two legitimate web-based multimedia or blog-style articles. Your annotated bibliography paragraphs must contain a topic sentence, clear evidence from the reading, and coherent sentences on a topic. It will use transitions affectively to cohere the overall piece together. Each entry in the annotated bibliography must provide the complete citation information for the source in MLA or APA format followed by a paragraph that includes 1) a summary of the source, 2) your critical assessment of the source, and 3) how you will use the source in your assignment. We will workshop annotated bibliographies in class and you will have an opportunity to improve your assignment before submission. Submit your statement as date specified in the syllabus. 1. Cite in MLA-citation format the name of the article. 2. Draft one or two paragraphs for each of the sources you list in your annotated bibliography. 3. Review the information in the bibliographies with your classmates to improve the grammar of the text and consider points that might help you build your argument in Assignment 3.

I will attach the Grading Rubric and Sample Annotated Bibliographies to help you understand the way you should do it .

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