Accounting Ethics Disucssion Questions

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3. Explain the components of Burchard’s Ethical Dissonance Model and how it describes the ethical person-organization fit at various stages of the contractual relationship in each potential fit scenario. Assume a Low Organizational Ethics, High Individual Ethics (Low-High) fit. How might this relationship influence your motivation to blow the whistle on corporate wrongdoing?

6. Explain the role of integrity in workplace ethics.

8.It has been said that recent graduates from a business school majoring in accounting and just entering the profession are especially vulnerable to ethical missteps because they are often naive and may not see the ethical aspects of situations they

12. The issue of the size of executive compensation packages is explored in the text. The highest paid CEO in 2016 was Thomas Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications, who received $98 million in executive compensation. As noted in the text, critics claim that CEOs receive excessive executive compensation packages when compared with the average worker (271:1). How would you evaluate the fairness of executive compensation pay packages?

19. How do the concepts of cognitive dissonance and organizational/ethical dissonance relate to whether an accountant might choose to blow the whistle on corporate wrongdoing?

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