ACCT635 The Ethics of Tax Professionals

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Nancy Newbie, a tax accountant, is up against a tight filing deadline. Ms. Newbie has recently transferred from another state and is new to this office. Based upon recommendations from her previous supervisors, Ms. Newbie was assigned to manage an important client, Mr. Money Bags. This high profile client will give Ms. Newbie the opportunity to impress her new colleagues.

Ms. Newbie is relieved that she completed the tax returns on time even though Mr. Money Bags has been difficult to reach and has been slow in providing necessary documentation which supports several complex transactions involving multiple state filings. Mr. Money Bags does not have an IRS e-file Signature Authorization Form 8879 signed for the current year and unfortunately, Ms. Newbie is unable to communicate with Mr. Money Bags. An entire week has gone by with no response from Mr. Money Bags. With April 15 just one day away, Ms. Newbie considers the substantial filing penalties and professional consequences of not filing the federal and state returns by the deadline.

Finally able to connect with Mr. Money Bags by phone on April 15, Ms. Newbie informs him that the returns are complete and that he needs to execute Form 8879. Mr. Money Bags insists he has never filed Form 8879 and he is not doing so this year. Mr. Money Bags directs Ms. Newbie to eFile the return and tells her to arrange to have a hard copy mailed to him immediately.

Ms. Newbie reminds Mr. Money Bags that without Form 8879, she cannot eFile his returns. Mr. Money Bags is furious at Ms. Newbie’s response and reminds her that he is one of the firm’s largest clients. Further, he threatens to falsely accuse her of unethical conduct when he reports her to senior partners of the CPA firm. Mr. Money Bags told Ms. Newbie that he would personally make sure she is fired if she doesn’t eFile his returns on time.

What should Ms. Newbie do?

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