Acquisition strategy

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1. Evidence indicates that the shareholders of many acquiring firms gain little or nothing in value from the acquisitions. Why, then, do so many firms continue to use an acquisition strategy?

2. Of the problems that affect the success of an acquisition, which one do you believe is the most critical in the global economy. Why? What should firms do to make certain that they do not experience such a problem when they use an acquisition strategy?

3 – What are the attributes associated with a successful acquisition strategy?

4 – What is the restructuring strategy and what are its common forms?

5 – What are the short and long term outcomes associated with the different restructuring strategies?

Please take a moment to identify a recent business current events article that relates to the assigned readings. Summarize the article, state how this article relates to the readings this module, state what you found interesting about the article, and provide a link to the article. Comment on your classmates postings as appropriate. Your article should come from a reputable business publication.

500 words minimum

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