Act 2 “One Tin Solider Rides Away” of This American’s Life podcast episode Mob Mentality

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 Act 2 “One Tin Solider Rides Away” of This American’s Life podcast episode Mob Mentality (episode 158)


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Paper details:

1.Begin the paper with a brief analysis of the cultural dimensions of your own 7th grade class to provide a basis for comparison of what was happening in the class discussed in “One Tin Soldier Rides Away”. Please note, that even if you were homeschooled, your 7th grade class would still have its own unique culture and corresponding cultural dimensions to be discussed. 2.Next, identify, and describe in detail, the cultural dimensions the students from the podcast attempted to establish in their school. Provide supporting evidence from the podcast that demonstrates the presence of each cultural dimension. 3.Then, explain the impact that each cultural dimension had on the group as a whole, either in its successful totalitarian regime or its ultimate dissolution. Note: There are three sets of cultural dimensions included in the text, you’ll be choosing one cultural dimension from each set, for a total of three cultural dimensions for this section of the paper. 4.The students had established such a strong group identity that they stormed the principal’s office without even knowing what they were protesting. Chapter 6 introduces the concepts of symbolic convergence and fantasy, and the role each plays in shaping a shared group identity. Analyze the seventh grade students’ group and explain, with supporting evidence, how they used each of these in constructing such a tightly bonded group.

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