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Imagine that you have been given grant money to fund your local neighborhood’s library with the specific intention of building a bookshelf full of children’s literature that imparts empathy to all, and, voice and visibility to children who are marginalized because of a physical, emotional, or psychological challenge.

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Your book choices are driven by your desire to share rich stories of folks with adaptive abilities as ‘the do-ers’, ‘the change agents’, ‘the power brokers’, and ‘the heroes’. The book choices you have selected are:

A Splash of Red , Emmanuel’s Dream , A Boy and A Jaguar , Susan Laughs , We’ll Paint the Octopus Red , My Friend Isabelle , and My Brother Charlie .


To justify your purchase, you need to write a summary stating why you chose these books. Why is it important to show folks with a challenge ‘getting on with their lives’ with agency?
Discuss briefly how each of these 7 books teaches valuable lessons about empathy and humanity.
An Added NEW Twist: Two community members walk into your new library wing with their original children’s picture book. Although both of these books are excellent, you must choose only one of these original books to add to your growing library. Which book do you choose and discuss your reasoning.
Luna and A Sign of Love (*Note these can be found inside the / Adaptive Abilities Module / Original Dream Team Creations! :))

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