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Unit 4 (250 words)

  • Explain some of the factors that might lead to success in increasing sales and achieving communications when competitors decrease their budgets
  • Discuss why some marketers consider the allocation of media dollars to digital and social media at the expense of traditional media to be a ‘knee-jerk reaction’
  • Why are the affordable and arbitrary budgeting methods considered to be very poor budgeting methods?
  • Explain some of the reasons marketers are shifting their budget allocations from traditional to digital and social media. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages with this reallocation?

Unit 5 (250 words)

  • Discuss the creative challenges intuit and the Wieden-Kennedy agency face in developing advertising campaigns for a tax preparation software product such as TurboTax. Evaluate the creative strategy W+K used for the ‘it doesn’t take to do your taxes’ campaign that id discussed in the chapter opener?
  • Discuss the role of creativity in advertising. Do you think advertising agencies often emphasize creativity at the expense of developing ads that can help generate sales for product or service? What can clients do to avoid this problem?
  • Choose one of the digital and social media advertising campaigns and explain how it has been effective
  • Many advertising creative personnel are opposed to focus group research as they argue that it may inhabit the creative process. Discuss the problems with, as well as the value of, using focus group to evaluate advertising creative work

Unit 6 (250 words)

  • Evaluate the creative strategy used by the Lambesis Agency for DASANI bottled water as well as the two line extensions. Why DASANI Drops and DASANI Sparkling been very effective?
  • Find a company using advertising campaign based on emotional appeals and analyze its effectiveness
  • Explain the concept of transformational advertising. Find an example of a company that is using transformational ads and discuss the ads might enhance the experience of using the product or service
  • Discuss the role of headlines in a print advertising. What is the difference between a direct headline and an indirect and when might each type be used?

Unit 7 (250 words)

4) What are GRPs and target GRPS? Explain what these terms mean and discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of using them

7) Discuss factors that may change the disadvantages of media

8) Explain the meaning of social media engagement in advertising

9) Discuss the differences between CDI and BDI. When would an advertiser using these indexes?

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