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Economic development is a multifaceted process involving growth in GDP per capita, improvement in standards of living, and reduction of poverty. Economic development must take into account the needs of agricultural development and food security, human and natural resource development, and the role of women/minorities and all residents of low-income counties, as well as the issues of population growth, healthcare, and rural–urban migration. Appropriate policies at the county and city level are vital to the development needs of the cities of Vernon and Wichita Falls.
Suppose you are the economic adviser to the Cities of Vernon and Wichita Falls, what suggestions would you recommend to effectively promote economic growth and reduce poverty? :
Be sure to address the following in your response:
Agricultural development
Education and the development of human capital (role of Vernon College and MSU)
Crime (Role of the Wichita Falls Police Department)
Healthcare (Role of United Regional Hospital)
Incentives to businesses (to bring jobs to the area).
Investment in physical capital (infrastructure) such as factories, machinery and roads
Format of answer (3 pages)
You must use the Web and other sources (like textbooks, journals, newspapers…) for information. You MUST use at least three sources and at least one MUST be a Web source. You MUST use standard bibliographic form (use any style sheet you like)

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