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Description According to the U.S. Health and Human Services, their program All4You! “is designed to reduce the number of students who have unprotected sexual intercourse, which is associated with increased risk of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unplanned pregnancy. The program also aims to change key determinants related to sexual risk taking, such as attitudes, beliefs, and perceived norms. The All4You! program has two primary instructional components—a skills-based HIV, other STD and pregnancy prevention curriculum and service- learning visits in the community—that are integrated and delivered as a 14-session program (about 26 hours total). The target audience for All4You! includes students in alternative high school settings, who are ages 14 to 18.” In this Application assignment, you should review the general resources on program evaluation in this week’s Assignment folder and All4You! Reports. ALL4YOU! A RANDOMIZED TRIAL OF AN HIV, OTHER STDs, AND PREGNANCY PREVENTION INTERVENTION FOR ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL STUDENTS Karin K. Coyle, Douglas B. Kirby, Leah E. Robin, Stephen W. Banspach, Elizabeth Baumler, and Jill R. Glassman. PREGNANCY PREVENTION INTERVENTION IMPLEMENTATION REPORT Program Name: All4You! Developers: Karin K. Coyle, PhD; Douglas B. Kirby, PhD; Leah E. Robin, PhD; Stephen W. Banspach, PhD; Elizabeth Baumler, PhD; and Jill R. Glassman, PhD Then please answer each of the questions below using complete sentences with evidence and arguments – not just one or two short phrases. 1. Which type(s) of program evaluation models were used in assessing the program? Explain your choice, referring to the guides provided this week. a. Begin by defining what a program evaluation model is and what types you have seen in the week’s readings. After that, make an argument for which program evaluation model was used in the All4You program evaluation included in the week’s readings. 2. The evaluators made the decision to incorporate self-report questionnaires as important data collection tools. Why do you think they selected this approach? What are specific advantages and disadvantages of this strategy? 3. What are some of the strengths of the evaluation? What do you see as some of the limitations? Why? 4. Evaluate the part of the evaluation that was conducted as a research project. This requires reading the file Report2_All4You_Evaluation_Study.pdf which is included in the assignment materials. How confident can you be of the results reported?

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