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 Write a 5 page (double spaced) research paper (not including the Reference or Title page) that contains at least 5 in-paper citations and a Reference Page that includes a minimum of 5 academic sources researched 1. Analyze an organization or group/team specific project (requires research on the topic) applying the principles as discussed in the class coursework. Topics options may include but are not limited to: Interpersonal Communication, Influencing, Motivating, Active Listening Skills, Decision Making, Conflict Management, Setting Goals, Meeting Timelines, and Providing Feedback. 2. Provide a synopsis of the project and team describing the objective they are trying to reach (include risks and rewards). Research and Analyze the impact and importance of your chosen topic as they relate to being a group or team within an organization. Relate the relevance of the project and the challenges/hurdles that the organization or team demonstrated either successfully or unsuccessfully addressing its objective (may require you to make assumptions). Review a minimum of 5 academic sources (list all 5 in your Reference Page, even if you did not cite them). A minimum of 5 sources to be cited in your paper. 3. Write your paper, synthesizing your research and include why you think/feel the organization/team failed or succeeded. Be specific in analyzing and providing thoughtful insight in regards to the organization and topics you are addressing. Describe how you might address challenges if you had a leadership role within the team.

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