American Literature

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Your essay will be based on research done for your presentation and may include an analytical discussion of any combination of the following: and cultural context and how these help us to understand the writer’s work. influences among writers—both in regard to other writers who influenced your writer, and influences your writer had on writers who came after them. analysis of your writer’s style and applying it to a specific work from the syllabus. your writer’s theories about literature and writing and how this can be seen in a specific work from the syllabus. critical reception of the writer’s work. You may choose to cover more than one writer from your assigned presentation day, but you must make substantial connections among the writers for an integrated essay. For sources, you are explicitly banned from using Wikipedia, and for any other website you choose to use, you must have at least one database or print source for a one to one ratio. For these, utilize the college library’s resources. You must have a minimum of two sources. 4-6 pages, documented and formatted according to MLA standards (this means you give in-text citations which correspond to those listed on a Work Cited page).

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