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write an essay for CIE A level English literature paper 9695. I have attached the sample answers for a passage-based question and essay type question on a different book, so that the writer can understand the expectations of the task. I have also uploaded the question paper, there are 3 sets with 2 questions on two different books, first is Americanah & 2nd is Death of a salesman. The essay should not be a simple paraphrase instead should be a commentary. Please find below the assessment objectives” AO1 – the ability to respond to texts in the three main forms (Prose, Poetry & Drama ) of different types and from different cultures. AO2- an understanding of the ways in which writer’s choice of form, structure and language shape meanings. AO3 – the ability to produce informed, independent opinions and judgements on literary texts. AO4 – the ability to communicate clearly, understanding and insight appropriate to literacy study. AO5- the ability to appreciate and discuss varying opinions of literary works. The marking scheme is also attached for your reference. If you have any concerns regarding the task please do message me The writer should also consider the objectives like plot & structure, characters & characterization, style & presentation, themes & symbols, related knowledge- historical, cultural, biographical & sociological , other interpretations or critical opinion. 

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