An investigation into the theory and practice of Leading, Managing, and Developing People in a Project Management context

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An investigation into the theory and practice of Leading, Managing, and Developing People in a Project Management context

Paper details use the “The Apollo 13” movie with strong people project management themes. select a section that relates to communications in projects, make sure that you just very briefly describe the scene related to the communications. Then in brackets insert the time slot where the scenes in the film occurs eg. (45min). Essay structure as follow: – General introduction to the assignment. Approximately 200 words to provide a road map to the rest of the assignment (communication in people management in a project context) and the key theories you will cover, the case you will use from ‘Apollo 13’). no more than 250 words is best practice. – Broad understanding of communication: This section will help us to understand communications in project management and the issues it aims at resolving. In addition, you will demonstrate the relevance of this topic to the practical world of Project Management. Approximately 400 words. – Critical examination of the topic (s): This section is to provide a clear and systematic analysis of academic literature relevant to communication in practical world of Project Management. This literature review will be taking information from multiple academic sources. This literature review is a critical analysis of the key literature associated with comunnication related to people management in project context and linked to the case Apollo 13. In this section you will be analyzing key articles. This section will allow you to speak with confidence on the background of this topic. Approximately 1700 words. – The final conclusion will be a clear recap of the material that you have covered, your key findings and any recommendations you have to make regarding the deployment of these concepts in practice. Approximately 200 words. NB no more than 250 words is best practice. Word count max is 2500 excluding (cover page, table of contents, tables, figures, references list and appendix or attachment). Use APA 6th edition. Use articles from the following journals only: 1- International Journal of project management 2- The project management journal 3- The international journal of managing projects in business

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