Analysis of Mao’s Apologists Of Neo-Colonialism

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Read Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism or Nasser On Revolution , or Qtub’s Milestones or the anonymous How to Read Donald Duck or find part of a work by Mao or Ho that explicitly deals with anti-colonialism). In this case please do Mao’s Apologists Of Neo-Colonialism(Attached document). Write a 5-6 page paper, in accord with the following guidelines. 1. Start to think of the work in terms of the previous document analysis assignment. How does this document reflect the state of opinion about colonialism during the 195o’s and 60’s. 2. Try to analyze and describe the ideology of your chosen author. If the work is long, deal only with a specific issue. 3. Critique the author’s point of view. Are there fallacies? Are there ideas whose times has not come? Is the work just an intense expression of grievances based on the author’s experience.

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