Analyze how this element of Roman society was organized and what was its chief problem/difficulty/contradiction

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 Perhaps one of the most important governments (and empires) of Antiquity, Rome was responsible for creating a blueprint for republican society, urban organization, and imperial rule. With Rome, we see the implementation of Greek ideals with a largely localized sense of community based on the concept of citizenship. However, Rome was far from perfect. Like Greece, slavery was a major component of Roman society (and perhaps one of the many reasons for its eventual decline), warfare was a constant way of life (if not more a part of Roman identity than the Greeks), and women were treated in a less than positive light. And like the Greeks, Rome had a literary tradition that acted as a basis for their cultural history (though Virgil’s Aeneid is much more of a fabricated tradition).  select one element of Roman society: government/citizenship, slavery, or morality. Then,  analyze how this element of Roman society was organized and what was its chief problem/difficulty/contradiction. I don’t expect you to give a complete analysis of government/citizenship, slavery, or morality, but instead make use of the sources this week to illustrate some insight to one of these key components of Roman society. Create a typed response between 250 and 400 words which answers this question fully. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Be sure to use at least 2 examples from the document I gave you. Do not just repeat the question, but instead incorporate it into your answer. Overly vague with your examples and be sure, again, to make use of the readings. For quotations, note the page number and author.

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