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Photography Analyze Writing Assignment A mash-up of an analysis of a photograph and an artist statement. Requirements • At least 3 reputable sources outside of textbook and class notes – No Wikipedia • Bibliography and sources cited in text Instructions 1. Write about the exact same artwork chosen for your photo assignment. 2. Research the artist and the ideas/theories/histories behind the image. Use the class notes and book to start your search, and explore online for reputable sources (museums, art publications). 3. Like the first writing assignment, analyze the selected photo. Describe the visual properties of the artwork – compositional and formal qualities. Discuss the denotations and connotations within the composition. 4. Write about the artist and relevant theories and histories. What topics covered in class are demonstrated in your selected piece? Is there a particular gaze? What other theories are at play? 5. Discuss your artistic response to the selected piece. What elements/ideas in the original piece were you responding to? How did you go about making the work? How is your work similar and different? How have you continued the overall discussion of the topic? What is the personal/intellectual/intuitive driving force – why did you make this work?

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