Analyze the economics for a country

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1-Argentina will be the data for the case study. The job is to analyze the economics of the country by addressing the following 5 goals. Use a 20-plus year time span to address each goal.

Goal A: Create and explain graphs that will visually show the basic economic conditions of your country. An example would be to graph and explain of their employment over the past 20 years or the import/export balance over the past 20-plus years. As you graph please explain the findings of your graph.

Goal B: Currently what are your countries 3 main economic activities or products. Have these economic activities or products changed over the past 20-plus years? How are they engaged in the production of these products? How do these productions affect the labor market?

Goal C: Using 20-plus years, graph and explain the main sources of economic growth or decline? Compare this growth to another South American country of similar size standard of living. How has inflation changed over the past 20-plus years?

Goal D: Over the past 20-plus years, what have been the 3 main drivers of business fluctuates in your country? How has your country addressed these 3 drivers? How has the internet revolution affected the business practices of your country over the past 20-plus years?

Goal E: Using 20 plus years, explain how your country operates in terms of fiscal and monetary policies. Are these policies of the political process of your country? How does your country differ in the monetary and fiscal policies of neighboring South American countries?

2-Document all sources for data collection and reference all materials used to answer your questions

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