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Begin by viewing the two videos below. Note that there is no public safety officer in the video; you are to assume that role, and complete the assignment as if you were observing the interaction between the landlord and tenant. To be clear, you are like a “fly on the wall” as you view this from the perspective of a third party. You may view the video as often as you like in order to address the areas and issues listed below.
The first video takes place some time before the 2nd one—perhaps a month earlier.

Organization of Paper
• Cover page in APA style required
• Double-spaced
• 12 point type
• Page numbers
• Running head
• See sample guideline in Course Resources
Content Guide for Paper
1. Introduction – summarize the conflict situation in your own words and make sure the following areas are addressed:
o The type of conflict (apply Tactic 1 of the Rational Conflict Resolution process to define the conflict)
o Signs of an impending conflict, or conflict starters
o The cause of the conflict
o Possible consequences of the conflict
2. Analysis of Conflict (consider Tactic 2 of Rational Conflict Resolution)
o Complete a conflict map for this situation
o Detail your findings from the conflict map process
o Explain insights provided by the conflict map
o Describe the dynamics that affect this conflict (minimum of 3)
o Describe and explain the positions and interests of both parties
o Anticipate barriers that might affect conflict resolution
3. Management and Resolution (consider Tactic 3 of the Rational Conflict Resolution Process)
o Explain how you would create a climate that would be supportive to resolving this conflict
o Comment on non-verbal and verbal approaches you might apply to the conflict
o Name and explain your conflict style, and describe whether it would be effective in resolving this conflict. Why or why not? Describe the conflict resolution style that would likely be most effective, and explain why this is so.
o Apply at least two aspects of constructive conflict communication to the situation
4. Conclusion
o Summarize what you have learned about the management and resolution of conflicts through this assignment.
Include a scan of your conflict map when you submit your paper.



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