Ancient World in Film

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 Watch the movies 300 and Quo Vadis USE these files for problem 1 and problem 2: – A. Burn, “The Invasion of Xerxes” – Herodotus Histories Book 7 (READ ONLY 7.1-46, 61-105, 138-239 (pp. 371-391, 395-405, 414-450))File – Cieply “That Film’s Real Message?”File – Leupp “A Racist and Insulting Film”File – Hanson “300: Fact or Fiction?”File – Palmer and Peneaud “Assault on the Gay Past”File Use these files for problem 3 and problem 4 – M. Hadas, “The Early Empire”File – Suetonius, Life of NeroFile – M. Wyke “Nero: Spectacles of Persecution and Excess”File – M. Cyrino “Quo Vadis”File PROBLEM: 1 (200 words) Is the representation of the Persians in the movie 300 distorted? What social issues of 2007 (or even the present) resonate against this representation? To support your answer, refer to one or more of the readings by Cieply, Leupp, Hanson, and Palmer and Peneaud. PROBLEM: 2 Answer the following two questions in no more than 250 words combined. Include a total word count at the bottom of the page. 1. How does the movie 300 diverge from Herodotus’ account of the Battle of Thermopylae? 2. To what extent does the portrayal of the Persians in 300 reflect ancient Greek attitudes (Hanson) and to what extent does it reflect more modern ideas about peoples from the Middle East (Leupp, Cieply)? Discuss at least two specific examples. PROBLEM: 3 (200 words) How does the movie Quo Vadis? portray Nero’s Rome? In particular, how does it portray the Christians and their treatment? How does this portrayal align with the ancient sources, especially Suetonius? PROBLEM: 4 Write a response to the following question in 250 words or fewer. Include a total word count at the bottom of the page. According to Wyke, how does the 1951 film Quo Vadis function in 1950s America? What contemporary (i.e. 1950s American) concerns/issues does it resonate against? How does this 1951 film differ from the novel of 1896 and the Italian film of 1913?

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