ANI101 Adobe Animate Morph Animation

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For your next project, you will be creating 2D animation by hand, again using Adobe Animate. This time, you will be creating your own metamorphosis animation. You will select a character, monster, animal, or other interesting image as your starting frame, then you will select another image for your ending frame. You will then creatively morph the figure in frame 1 into the figure in your last frame. I suggest using Pose to Pose animation—create several extreme key frame drawings, space them out on your timeline, then go back and fill in the frame by frame animation.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • To begin, find reference pictures online, or create your own creature, animal, or character. If you use an image as the source of your character, you MUST import the image to your stage in Animate and redraw the figure for your starting and ending frames. DO NOT start or end your animation with a picture, your final animation should only contain your hand-drawn frames.
  • Detail is good for your first and last frames, it will give you more options for a creative morph.
  • Don’t simply “blob” the first drawing into the last—try to be interesting. Maybe specific lines in the figure start to move and morph first, or maybe the image melts and then forms into the second. You have creative control, but it MUST be an actual morph—no wipes or disappearing acts.
  • Your final animation must incorporate color, a minimum of three. (Hint: color is an object that can be very interesting when animated)
  • You may animate on either 1s or 2s. If you choose to use 2s, your animation must be fluid and smooth…I do not want to see poor shortcuts to draw fewer frames, this may result in a grade reduction.
  • Your morph must be a MINIMUM of 6 seconds of animation (144 frames at 24 fps.)
  • You MUST choose four specific principles of animation to practice in your work, and tell me what principles you are working on in your first submission next week.
  • You have Three weeks to finish this project, so you should put some serious time and effort into your 6 seconds of animation.
  • DO NOT use the shape tools, or make one drawing and drag it around or scale it from frame to frame. NO TWEENING. Using the above mentioned methods will result in a grade reduction, or no grade at all.


  • You will be graded on following directions, the creativity of your morph, your incorporation of chosen principles of animation, and the overall effort apparent in your work.

Due 10/23 (10 pts.)

  • Your final animation must be complete and colored.
  • Submit your FLASH PROJECT FILE (.fla) to D2L in this folder.

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