Annotated Bibliography “Opening A Daycare Business”

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 Description Instructions: This week you will compose your Annotated Bibliography, which must include the 15 peer-reviewed journal articles (out of the 20 sources total) required for the completion of your Capstone Project. This assignment is a vital preliminary step towards the completion of the Capstone Project and empowers you to access, assess, evaluate, and utilize proper academic evidence and sources that you will use in the Capstone Project. In APA format (double-spaced in Word), you will analyze a minimum of 15 scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. Each source must be properly and fully referenced in APA, followed by approximately one (1) paragraph summarizing the article and analyzing its primary points and conclusions. Thus, you will: 1. Provide a full reference in APA of the article 2. Provide the summary/analytical paragraph of the article’s main points and findings 3. Then progress on to the next source, and so on for all 15 articles Late submissions will receive a 1.5 point deduction per each day late.

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