Annotated Bibliography (Persuasive/Argumentative Essays).

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I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

Hello, I want you to follow the steps as carefully as possible.

Annotated Bibliography: Locate 4—6 sources with potential on your topic and 1: Provide a proper MLA citation for the source (entries should be in alphabetical order). 2: For each source, say how it was located, provide a brief overview of the book or essay’s contents, and indicate how you think it will add to your paper.

Length: 150-250 words per source/ 800–1000 words total

First: you will write the Annotated Bibliography and after you finish writing this paper I need an outline of 1-2 pages and powerpoint slides to present the topic that you are going to write about in the Annotated Bibliography.

The topic that I want you to write about is (Immigration) .

I attached the files that are really important for you to read to have a better understanding about this assignment.

Thank you so much.

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