Answer 4 Questions Regarding My TOPIC CHOICE for ENGLISH COURSE (MCLEAN)

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Can you help me understand this English question?

Topic 1: Cellphones in School

I think that this is an important topic to talk about when it comes to middle school and high school students being able to have cellphones while in class. Granite, I do not think that they should be allowed to have them at the desk no, because it would be distracting. however with all of the school shootings that have been going on in the country I think that if more students had immediate access to their cell phones and the classrooms some lives may have been saved and first responders may have been called sooner.

Just like any writing project, completing these essays will involve a series of steps. Your first steps will include, specifically:

  1. Choosing one current and compelling issue that can serve as a topic for both research essays.
  2. Researching multiple viewpoints on the issue.
  3. Compiling your research.
  4. Articulating research questions that will guide you in your process: an open-ended question for the Rogerian and a yes/no question for the Classical.

In last week’s group discussion you identified three initial topic ideas. Through the week, you’ve probably gotten a better idea of what you’d actually like to pursue, and perhaps even had new ideas in the meantime.

For this assignment, I’d like you to narrow your options down to ONE. For this ONE potential research topic, draft a paragraph of exploration including the following:

  • what the topic is, and why it appeals to you
  • questions you have about the topic you didn’t already know the answers to
  • an overview of some initial quick research you’ve done on the topic (Google & Wikipedia are fine for our purposes here), including at least one new discovery for you about the issue
  • what you’d hope to be able to prove to your reader about this issue in a research essay about it

This is an informal assignment, though matters of proofreading and grammar are always helpful to check over before submitting.

This ONE TOPIC can come straight from your list of 3 that you submitted to the last week’s discussion, OR you can come up with a new idea.

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