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Examining the patient

1. Give examples of blockers and facilitators to communication.

2. Outline the steps involved in building rapport before performing an examination.

3. List cultural considerations when taking a history and performing a physical examination.

4. Differentiate between the human and the scientific understanding of illness.

Name three observations that a human can make better than a machine.

  • Discuss the phrase “Deal with the total person.”
  • Discuss comfort and privacy issues related to positioning during the examination.
  • Review ways to maintain privacy during the examination process.
  • Discuss methods to reduce anxiety in persons of various ages during the examination process.

You overhear another student complaining about how frustrated she was during her first practice examination of an infant. “He was sleeping when it was time to begin the examination,” she explains. “I woke him up so I could get started, but then he started crying. He finally quit crying, but by then I’d already lost a lot of time.” What critique can you offer for the scenario? What advice do you have for this student examiner?

When does the process of inspection begin with the patient?

The physical examination of an older patient should include mental status evaluation with particular attention to which three areas?

For children who are small enough, where should they be examined?

The child’s ability at any age to react socially offers clues to which two types of well-being?

What does observing a child playing on the floor afford us?

KM is a 46-year-old male patient who presents for a routine physical examination. He presents today without complaints. He wants to be sure that he is on the right track to maintain his health because he is in his fourth decade of life.

1- What components of the exam would be completed with the patient seated and the back exposed?

2- You are preparing to complete a rectal examination. What are the possible positions for this examination?

3- Describe the components of the rectal examination.

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