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Scenario Questions

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Scenario Questions In the Organization International Relations Protocol Liaison Organization (IRP-LO) is an international organization of Liaison officers. This organization sends out Liaison officers to assist leaders of different nations (ex. President, Vice-President, State Governor, Prince & Princess, King & Queen).

If there are Summit Conferences or Unison Meetings of different regions, IRP-LO is being asked by the government to assist each leader that attend the meeting. Renee is a well experience liaison officer for 35 years now. She already assisted Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister of Belgium, Prime Minister of Australia, President of Italy, King Mohammed IV, President of Singapore, and many big and well-known leaders of different countries. In fact, she is managing, forming and training new generation of Liaison officers with a total of 30 new hired officers.

The new hired Liaison officers do not have any experiences yet in the industry, they are freshmen. Thomas, one of the newly hired is an excellent officer. He is highly organized, competent with high social and emotional intelligence. However, Renee noticed an incident, when Thomas is assisting Prime Minister of Brunei Darussalam, he accidentally shakes his left hand to the Prime Minister, because his right hand was holding something. Thomas did an unacceptable action which is not tolerable. From then on, Renee created a new learning objective to avoid this kind of incident.

Scenario Questions


Learning Objective: Elements of culture

– Site some cultural backgrounds of each region/country/continent. Explain how each culture is Learned, shared, symbolic, systemic, and dynamic.

– Why is it important to IRP-LO to understand cultures, and cultural background of each region/country? What would be the effect/consequences to the organization if IRP-LO did not understand and cultural background of each region/country?

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