Answer the following questions

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Answering those questions in a few sentences.

  1. Reflect on what you know of UKTTPS’s investments and objectives. Is the board of directors’ memo to Enberg consistent with those objectives? In what ways?
  2. Read carefully the facts and exhibits provided in the case and assess whether you agree with each manager’s interpretation and justification of their funds’ results. You will need to review the returns before and after fees for each property and fund to answer this, distinguishing between elements that indicate skill vs. luck. I suggest you draw a grid with the returns.
  3. Based upon your qualitative and quantitative analyses in Questions 1 and 2, as well as any other information from the case you deem relevant, provide a recommendation to the pension fund’s investment committee on whether to continue to engage the managers (i.e., continue to be LP to the GP’s real estate private equity funds in the UK) or to fire the managers (i.e., not allocate funds to the GP’s next funds). Explain your decision.

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